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How to Prevent and Cure Breast Fungus

It may be very disconcerting to discover a fungal infection in the area of your breast, but it is not something that can be deadly. Instead, it only effects the outer layers of the skin. It does cause discomfort and can be a difficult infection to get rid of completely for some people. However, the good news it can be resolved.

Fungus in the area of the breast is one of the most common when it comes to fungal infections. Typically occurring in women, this infection happens to large-breasted women especially.

Tinea mammae describes an infection of the skin of the breast, while submammary candididasis is a yeast infection usually found in the area under the breast.

Typical Causes of Breast Fungus

There are various reasons a fungal infection can occur in the area of the breast. When it happens, the following symptoms can appear: red skin; cracking, peeling or flaking, dry, itchy rash, tiny pustules that may ooze a substance and even patches of pink, white or brown scales.

Any of these symptoms indicate a problem and should be addressed in a timely manner.

If the fungal infection is under the breast, women may find the following: tiny cuts or abrasions, moisture with a slightly off odor, red skin, peeling skin, pustules that ooze a thick fluid with a very foul smell and itching under the breast.

Breast Fungus Can Be Prevented

 For those who have had a fungal infection occur and prefer to not repeat the experience, consider the following tips:

  • only wear properly-fitting bras. Bras that have a lot of room can move around a lot, rubbing the area and causing rashes or vulnerable skin that can then be plagued with fungus.
  • get rid of any bras that touched the area when you had a fungal infection. These may contain spores and will be hard to get cleaned sufficiently.
  • Apply thick layers of vaseline or other petroleum jelly products at night. This will prevent injury to that area if you scratch in your sleep.
  • Do not use scented products in the area under the breast. Perfumes tend to provide a breeding ground for fungus. It can also make your skin vulnerable to the fungus due to a breakout.
  • Use a topical disinfectant to keep the area clean. It will not get rid of the fungal infection but it will minimize risk of a bacterial infection in addition to the fungal infection.

Fungal infections cause discomfort and can be an issue for people who would prefer not to have to deal with such an inconvenient condition in such an awkward location. In addition, women with large breasts may feel awkward without the added onus of a fungal infection.

Therefore, keeping the area clean and wearing the right fit of bra can help you get past the infection and avoid a repeat incident in the future. Being proactive with conditions like this is important, as the slightest opening will lead to the onset of infection and discomfort for the individual.