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Health Care Above All

How To Lower Your High Blood Pressure Without Using Any Medication

High blood pressure can cause stroke, heart attack and blood vessel diseases. Almost every third person experiences problems with high blood pressure.

There is medication for proper treatment of this health condition, but some simple tricks can help you lower high blood pressure on your own. These methods are not expensive and include workout, diet or changes in lifestyle.


Regular workout is an excellent way to lower high blood pressure. Exercising for 30-60 minutes minimum, few times a week, is quite enough. Of course, by exercising you maintain your weight, which also affects blood pressure.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. It brings no good for your health. Consuming a glass per day for women, and 2 glasses for men is considered as a moderate dosing which you can afford without worrying about your health.


Lose Weight

Be careful of what you eat! You will feel some changes in your health condition after losing just 4 kilograms. Waist size is the best indicator of excess fat. By reducing more weight, you run at a lower risk of having high blood pressure.

Stress Control

Stress is the main cause of many diseases, and it can also cause high blood pressure. Avoid every stressful situation, or if you already experience one, breathe deeply! It sounds too easy, but it works. Three deep sighs will bring you back to a peaceful state of mind.