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How To Eliminate Dark Spots Fast at Home

For those who get them, dark spots on the face are embarrassing. Here is how to eliminate dark spots fast at home.

Dark spots like moles and freckles on the face can be removed using natural remedies at home, leaving the skin tone beautiful and glowing. For those who are pregnant, dealing with imbalances in their hormone production or have to shave regularly, these issues can be caused by pimples.


Uneven Skin Tone to Blame

 People who have issues with spots and darker patches have uneven skin tone, more stress and a lower level of self-esteem due to their physical appearance.

For those people, there are multiple methods that can be used to clear up those spots. Chemical peels, laser treatments and topical creams are typically used to address these issues and return your skin to its former glory.

For some people, however, those treatments are cost-prohibitive. They have to turn to home remedies to hopefully accomplish the same success, even if it takes longer. With that in mind, there are certain natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and easy to use. They can be used on all skin types, all complexions and by all ages.

 These Home Remedies Will Work on Face, Forehead, Cheeks, Skin and Legs

Aloe Vera can be helpful to remove spots on the face in particular. It is effective against dark spots that are the result of sun exposure. It can be applied directly to the skin for the best results. This treatment is fine for all skin types. Use a gentle massage during application to increase the benefits of the application.

Lemon Juice is a strong antioxidant and also contains vitamins and minerals that can help the skin regenerate. Applying to the dark spots on the face by itself can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. Instead, consider mixing with honey or rose water to minimize that potential. Apply directly to the spots with a cotton ball and repeat once a day for a two-week period.

Onion and Garlic Juice can clear black spots when applied to the area with a cotton ball. The mixture should be given time to dry and repeated twice daily to see the results quickly.

Turmeric can be used with lemon juice and milk and applied as a thick paste. Allow to dry and then wash with lukewarm water, typically after a period of 15 minutes. Make sure to use a gentle massage during application.

Papaya, when mixed with lime juice, makes an effective face mask. Apply to face and leave for 20 minutes before washing with warm water. This should be repeated daily for two weeks to see optimal results.

Buttermilk is both gentle and natural, working effectively to get rid of pimples, acne scars and uneven skin tone. Simply apply to your skin and the lactic acid will be effective in smoothing and brightening your skin.

Potato Slices can be effective when rubbed over the afflicted areas. They can also clear up skin blemishes, so apply to other areas of the face as necessary.

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