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Health Care Above All

How The Color of Your Urine Reveals Your Health

Most people do not want to talk about their urine and stool color, but it is a fact that certain color changes can actually say something more about your health condition. Read this article and see how is your urine color associated with your health…

Normal urine color should be pale yellow, but depending on your health condition it can vary drastically. Certain color changes may be normal, but some are considered as quite alarming.

In this article we have explained what do the most common urine color changes mean, and hopefully it will raise your awareness about health.


Dark Yellow Color

– If normal urine color is pale yellow, dark yellow color is a symptom of a dehydrated body. Darker urine color is sign of an increased urine concentration. Drink more liquids if you notice that your urine is dark yellow.

Red Color

– Red urine color may indicate the presence of blood in the urine or excretion of some elements with red color. However, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor if you notice that your urine is red.

Do some laboratory tests to make sure that your health is not in danger. The blood in the urine may come from the kidneys, bladder, ureters, prostate, and if hematuria shows up in the tests, you have to examine each of these organs.

Dark Red To Black (Coca-Cola Dark) Color

– This urine color indicates different health conditions, but most often it is a result of an improper liver function, serious liver diseases, hepatitis, cancer, melanoma, cirrhosis, and others.

Orange Color

– The urine often turns orange after taking certain medications, but it can also be a false alarm, especially if you have consumed some carrots or citrus fruits.

However, if the color of your urine is different than the normal urine color, consult your doctor immediately for further laboratory analysis. Even if your urine color is normal, regular laboratory controls at least once a year are more than necessary if you want to protect your health.