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Horseradish – Natural Cure For Sinus Infection And Bronchitis

Horseradish is first on the list of herbs known for their healing power in cases of bronchitis.

Besides the fact that horseradish is widely used in the preparation of different dishes, there is evidence that back in the Middle Ages, it was used in the treatment of different diseases.

Horseradish stimulates digestion and it is also considered as a natural diuretic, which are the main reasons why it should be used more often in winter…

Horseradish is an excellent ally in the fight against bronchitis, pneumonia and influenza. It contains glucosinolates, compounds that dilute thick secretions and facilitate their disposal, and they also give the specific taste horseradish has.

If you experience any of these problems, prepare your own remedy, by mixing 2 cups of honey, half a cup of shredded ginger and half a cup of shredded horseradish. Leave it for two weeks, and then, if coughing still bothers you, eat a tablespoon of the mixture every day, in the morning.


If you can not eat the mixture because of its strong taste, add a teaspoon in your favorite tea and drink it.

Extra hot horseradish is an excellent remedy for sinusitis. Shred some horseradish, wrap it in a small towel and place it on your forehead, just above the eyes, using a scarf to keep it attached for longer. Be careful, it can irritate your skin, so it is best to wrap it in the towel in several layers, and if you feel strong warmth on the forehead, make a break for few minutes.

Moreover, various researches showed that horseradish increases the resistance of human body against cancer, mostly because of the high amounts of glucosinolates found in this plant.