Here is How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain in Just 60 Seconds

In case you have unbearable neck pain and you immediately need a massage but unfortunately you do not have the time or money to afford this luxury, we offer you fast solution to your problems.

In this article we present to you how to treat and how to get rid of neck pain.


First Step:

Locate the painful area. If the affected area is located on the right side of your upper back or on the neck, use your right arm, if it is on the left side, use the left arm.

Second Step:

Press the painful area with your fingers. Make sure you are pressing with solid pressure, but do not overdo this. When pressing the painful area you should not feel any sharp pain or pain which you are struggling to tolerate.

If you cannot reach the certain area or you can reach it but you have a hard time pressing it as you should, use tennis ball or some other object. If you use anything other than your arm, press yourselves against the wall with the object in between in order to give the affected area the needed pressure.

Third Step

Slightly turn your head opposite of the painful area and then lower it diagonally as if you were trying to touch your armpit with your chin. Cramped muscle’s activity in combination with the pressure is going to help you relax the affected muscle thus get rid of the annoying pain.

Fourth Step

Repeat this procedure 20 times and in the end stretch yourselves as if you were getting out of bed in the morning. In order to maintain your muscles relaxed, repeat this exercise several times during the day.