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Hepatitis C – Diet And Nutrition

My son has HCV. Please tell me which diet regimen should he follow or what should he eat?

If there is no liver malfunction, and if we are not talking about an acute phase of hepatitis, your son does not need to follow a special diet regimen, and he should only consume easy, low-fat and not too spicy food, and the consumption of alcohol and carbonated drinks is strongly prohibited.

We present you more detailed diet recommendations.

A Basic diet for patients suffering from chronic liver disease / hepatitis B and C

Patients suffering from chronic liver diseases do not need to follow a special diet regimen, If their liver still functions normally, but they should avoid alcohol and consume healthy foods instead.

If we are talking about liver malfunction, make sure you consume light food, and avoid alcohol.


Patients with chronic liver disease should consume lean chicken, beef, veal, lamb and fish, and should avoid consumption of meat products, pork, sausages and oily fish. It is recommended to boil, roast or stew meat and avoid frying it in too much oil.

As a side dish you can use all pasta type, rice and whole-grain bread. It is not recommended to consume fried pasta and pasta rich in yeast.

Include these vegetables in your diet: potatoes, spinach, lettuce, carrots, beets, Swiss chard, asparagus. It is best to consume vegetables boiled or as a salad, meaning fresh and raw. It is not recommended to consume beans, peas, cabbage, kale, garlic, onion, cucumber and pepper.

You should avoid oily foods and speaking of oil, it is recommended to use vegetable oil, especially olive oil. You should avoid butter and lard.

Include the following spices in your favourite dish: parsley, lemon, dill, basil, but black pepper, mustard, mayo, hot peppers and other strong spices are strongly prohibited.


Choose young cow cheese and low-fat yoghurt from the group of dairy products and avoid high-calorie cheese and sour cream.

It is best to consume fruit fresh, but you can also consume it boiled or smashed.

What you should certainly avoid is oily cookies rich in walnuts, almonds and chocolate. Try low-fat biscuits and cakes instead of eating high-calorie sweets.

Speaking of drinks, you can consume mild tea (mint and chamomile tea). Other types of tea are not recommended. You can also drink natural juices – use fresh fruit every time. Avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol.