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Health Care Above All

Figs – Natural Cure For Constipation And Upset Stomach

Figs contain insoluble fiber which has beneficial effect on the health of the colon. Fiber regulates digestion and allows normal defecation. This is the main reason why figs are especially recommended for people with chronic constipation and chronic colon disease.


Figs are a natural remedy for upset stomach. This fruit combined with olive oil has healing effect when it comes to upset stomach. You can prepare this natural remedy using the following recipe:

Soak 40 dried figs in a liter of olive oil and let it stay for 40 days. It is best to use glass jar. Eat one fig each day before your meals.

If you can not consume figs prepared this way, the same effect can be achieved if you drink a spoonful of olive oil and then eat a dried fig. This recipe is tested and relieves symptoms, and even completely heals upset stomach.

Figs are one of the natural fruits one needs in his or her body every day, it’s good to know that it can cure stomach upset. Thanks for sharing.



Yes Kingsley, figs are amazing natural foods with great health benefits.
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