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Health Care Above All

Dr. Naheed Rizvi Advices Diabetics: Eat Apples And Garlic!

The polyphenol miricetin, found in apples and garlic, protects patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes from the complications that usually occur in the late stages of the disease.

Apples and garlic are healthy food products. They are a gift from the nature that help treating problems related to the heart, eyes and nerves of diabetics who suffer most in the late stage of the disease.

Biochemists from the University of Allahabad discovered that the polyphenol miricetin found in apples and garlic, can protect the red blood cells in diabetics from the harmful effects of oxidative stress and ease the development of complications in patients diagnosed with  type 2 diabetes.


“For normal people diabetes is a disease that manifests itself in a high concentration of glucose in the blood. Although the blood glucose level can be controlled with medications or changes in diet and habits, the basic problem of diabetes remains present, ” said Dr. S. Rizvi, leader of the research.

According to Dr. Rizvi, there are many causes of diabetes based on genetics, so it is not easy to treat this complex disease.

“One of the fundamental changes in diabetes is the state of so-called oxidative stress, which is associated with the development of complications in diabetes in the late stage of the disease, such as neuropathy (the disease affects the nerves), vascular complications affecting the blood vessels and heart, retinopathy (damage to the blood vessels in the eye) and damage of the kidney,” explains Dr. Rizvi.

His team advises controlling the oxidative stress, and thus the complications that occur in the late stages of type 2 diabetes with supplements that are rich in antioxidants. Natural sources of antioxidants are fruits, vegetables, whole grains …