Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Do You Wake Up Every Night at the Same Time? This is the Reason Why!

Our body functions are governed by the internal systems and clocks that are inherent to humans. The spiritual well-being is directly connected with the physical health.

The traditional Chinese medicinal methods observe the patterns of energy placement and movement to different areas of the bodyat different times. Your body devotes different energies to different organs within your 24 hour cycle.

If you regularly work at the same time, this could mean that some of your energy is being blocked or misdirected. This results in a disruption of our natural balance and cycle. Our organs need the energy to heal and operate properly.

We provided you with a list of times and organs they are associated with. Many of these blockages need to be observed physically and emotionally.

You should definitely review what and when you have been eating. This is very important since it can be the reason for your symptoms.

Wake up times and what they actually mean


9pm to 11pm

Most of the people are trying to fall asleep during this period of time. This is the time when our endocrine system rebalances and the enzymes are replenished.

The hormones and metabolism are managed by the endocrine system. This means that by having trouble falling asleep at this period of time, your body is stuck in a flight or fight mode.

Your mind is stuck in the events that have happened during the day or you are already making plans about the challenges for tomorrow. Repeat positive thoughts so you can release the tension that is causing this.

Non proper diet or eating late at night can also cause blockages.

11pm to 1am

If you are waking up in this period of time, you are probably carrying resentments towards something. At this period of time, during the 24 hour cycle, your yin energy is turned into yang energy.

Your body is supposed to store the yang energy for the next day since this energy is highly active. You should practice self-love and appreciation in order to stay calm and conserve the energy for the next day.

This is the period of time when the gallbladder is breaking down fats. Try to avoid eating foods that contain unhealthy fats or oil.

1am to 3am

This period represents a crucial time for your body’s detoxification and renewal process. The liver is breaking down toxins and also releasing toxins, while providing our body with fresh new blood.

If you are waking up in this period of time, you are probably angry, frustrated and have negative thoughts. If you are not trying to address these ‘spiritual’ toxins, then your ‘spiritual’ liver is trying to make you solve these problems.

3am to 5am

This period of time is crucial for your body since the lungs are under repair and provide our organism with oxygen. In order to facilitate the body functions, you need to be sure that your body is warm enough.

If you are constantly waking up during this period of time, you need to try breath exercises. Grief and sadness are often related to problems with the lungs.

Waking up in the period around 3am can also be a sign of ascension. Ascension is the process ofrising vibrational levels to an important position or a higher level.

This is associated with entering a more enlightened or awakened spiritual state. You could also have other signs such as changes in appetite, lucid dreaming, being cold for a longer period of time and sensitivity to strange sounds.

5am to 7am

The toxins which are released and broken down earlier in the night are being removed from the system.

During this period of time, the large intestine is active. If you have a poor diet or are consuming food late at night, you will probably wake up during this period of time due to the problems caused by your diet.