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Do You HAVE letter M on The Palm? – Here’s What it Means

Many people believe that the lines on the palms can tell a lot about a person’s character and destiny. Moreover, they also say that if you can spot the letter M on your palm, you are undoubtedly an exceptional person.

Folk tradition suggests that all the prophets ever had this sign on their palm, so they believe that if you are one of these people who also have it on their palms, you should be aware that you are really a special person.


People who have the letter M on the hand are believed to be especially gifted and to possess great intuition. Also, they are considered to be remarkable business partners.  These people have the power to make the changes they need in life and, therefore, they need to seize the opportunities in life.

Namely, if your loved one has the letter M on the palm, you need to know that you should be extremely honest with him, so no lying, cheating or joking would bring you good, as they will always find out the truth.

Furthermore, women who have the letter M on the palm have even stronger intuition than men, so if both spouses have this letter, the woman will certainly prevail.

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