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Health Care Above All

Cucumber Heals – The Superb Health Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumber is amazingly rich in minerals, especially potassium, which is great for the detoxification process, because it allows the body eliminate all the toxins, but you can also use it for many other purposes.

Hydrates the body – If you often forget things and do not drink enough water during the day, eat a cold cucumber.

It is good for the stomach and wounds – Cucumber will not only calm your stomach, but also if you cut yourself, just put a slice on the wound and you will soon feel some relieve.

Eliminates toxins – The water in cucumbers has good effect on the internal organs, by cleaning them from all the toxins. There is evidence that it can even break kidney stones.

Cucumber and slices isolated over white background

It is rich in vitamins – Cucumber, especially its peel, is rich in the vitamins your body needs every day – vitamins A, B and C, which strengthen the immune system.

It is rich in minerals – Cucumbers contain large amounts of potassium, magnesium and silicon. A lot of spa-centres offer treatmens in which they use cucumbers.

Stimulates digestion and the weight-loss process – Thanks to the large amount of water and the small number of calories they contain, cucumbers are ideal for people who are trying to lose weight. Eat it as an addition to a salad or with some soup, and pounds will start melting.

Removes the dark circles under your eyes – If you have dark circles and bags under the eyes, use some cucumber slices, since it has the power to help you get rid of both dark circles and puffiness.

Protects from cancer – It is widely known that cucumbers contain a compound that reduces the risk of getting several cancer types, including ovarian, breast and cervical cancer.

Cures diabetes, reduces blood cholesterol and regulates blood pressure – Cucumber juice contains a hormone necessary for the production of insuline, and it also contains a lot of fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Fresh mouth – Cucumber also freshens your mouth and cures it from various diseases. Put a cucumber slice in your mouth and press it against the gums. Keep it like that for half a minute and it will kill all the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Renews hair and nails – Thanks to the silicon found in cucumbers, your hair and nails will be shiny and strong. Silicon also stimulates hair growth.

Protects health, relieves arthritis – As an excellent source of silicon, cucumber protects health by strengthening the connective tissue. If you mix it with some carrot juice, cucumber can relieve arthritis pain, because it reduces the urinary acids.

Prevents hangover – If you want to avoid morning hangover and headache, eat a few cucumber slices. It contains enough vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes which will reduce the morning sickness.

Protects kidneys – Cucumbers reduce the level of urinary acids in the body and also keep kidneys healthy.