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Health Care Above All

Chinese Herbs Equally Effective as Drugs?

The results of the latest studies showed that herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine succeeded to reduce mild symptoms of swine flu equally as the popular Tamiflu drug.

“Chinese herbs have been used in the treatment of influenza for thousands of years. Influenza pandemic in 2009 gave us the opportunity to examine the efficiency of the standard Chinese formula against flu,” explained infectious diseases and clinical microbiology specialists – Dr. Cheng Wang and Dr. Bin Cao from the Chao-Yang Hospital, who had led the research.


The leaders of the study claim that the herbal “recipe” called maksingshigan-yinqiaosan (M-Y) can be easily found in China, and is also cheaper than Tamiflu.

The study encompassed 410 patients with mild form of H1N1 influenza. Respondents were divided in four groups within 72 hours after the first symptoms had appeared.

The first group of participants took 75 milligrams of Tamiflu twice a day, the second group took 200 milliliters of M-Y four times a day, the third group took the same dose of Tamiflu and M-Y simultaneously, and the fourth group received placebo.

It was found that both Tamiflu and the mixture of herbs equally calmed fever, regardless of the fact whether they were taken alone or in combination. Previously mentioned healing mixture contains 12 species of healing herbs.

“You should be aware of the fact that these two types of treatments act differently. Tamiflu stops viral multiplication, and the herbal formula has impact on the symptoms.

Taking in consider that H1N1 can be very dangerous disease, our advice is: It is important to call the doctor,” Chinese researchers concluded.