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Health Care Above All

Cancer Is Curable, But The Pharmaceutical Mafia Hides The Truth! (Video)

The claiming that a cancer-free world is still possible, hidden by the Pharmaceutical Mafia, saw the light of the day in a documentary which appeared on YouTube. In an exclusive interview for Telegraph, the American publicist Edward Griffin gave the following information.

Its all about the vitamin B17, which appeared 50 years ago, under the name Laetrile or Amygdaline. The vitamin was created by the biochemist Ernst T. Krebs.


According to the documentary which appeared on YouTube, the claiming that cancer can be cured was first revealed 50 years ago. Still, the US Food and Drug Administration presented the theory of Dr. Krebs and his medicine, named Laetrile, as a stupidity and a fraud. To the public, the cure was been presented as poisonous and dangerous. That is how the story of vitamin B17, or Laetrile, ended.

Still, the story of Ernst Krebs, John Beard, Ralph Moss and many others that fought for the truth about the cure for cancer, started going around the Internet again.

This vitamin can be found in peaches, plums, apples, sour cherries and other foods.

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