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Health Care Above All

Canadian Scientists Found a Plant That Kills Cancer Cells in 48 Hours

Scientists do not stop for a minute, and give their best to discover how nature works.They work day and night for all those cancer patients out there. Could it be that common plants can kill cancer? Well, yes, it is quite possible. Research of this type requires lots of money, and that may be one of the reasons experts have not found the cure for cancer.

Dandelion is not the kind of plant you want to grow in your garden. But, you may want to reconsider this.

According to the latest research by experts at the University of Windsor in Canada, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, dandelion tea can destroy abnormal cancer cells.


Canadian scientists have found that dandelion tea kills cancer cells within 2 days.

This plant is more beneficial than any other herb or plant. Scientists focused on dandelion root, and the results showed that it can kill almost every cancer cell.

Dandelion root acts as a diuretic. It stimulates the secretion of bile, detoxifies the liver, relieves allergy symptoms and lowers cholesterol. It is packed with vitamins C and B6, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid, and magnesium.

The story of a dying cancer patient who escaped death

John Di Carlo, 72, did aggressive chemo for 3 years. The doctors did not give him much hope, and John was sent back home so he can spend the last days of his life with his family. He tried everything, but none of the options seemed to work. Dandelion root tea was the last thing he decided to try. Within 4 months, John’s condition got much better, and his cancer was in remission.

Proper ways to store dandelion root

You can use it both fresh and dried. If you decide to dry it, make sure you peel it well, and cut it into equal pieces. Scatter the pieces on a paper sheet. Dry your roots in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

The drying process lasts for 3-14 days, and you should notice how the root pieces have become brittle. Use your dried dandelion root for a year. Keep it in a glass jar, and store it in a cool and dark place.

Who could have imagined that dandelions can be this powerful? Next time make sure they does not end in the trash can.