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Alcohol – Leading Factor Of Breast Cancer In Young Women

Regular consuming of alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer in young women.
U.S. researchers warn that young women who consume alcohol daily are exposed to higher risk of breast cancer.

Namely, any alcoholic beverage women sip daily, starting from the age when they got their first period until the first pregnancy, increases the risk of breast cancer by 13 %.

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Researchers from the Medical Center at the University in Washington made this conclusion. They analyzed data of over 91,000 mothers. In addition to this, each additional alcoholic drink consumed during the day, regardless of whether it is beer, wine or spirits, increases the risk of proliferative benign breast disease by 15 %.

“Reducing the consumption of alcohol to less than one drink a day, especially in this period of women’s life is a crucial strategy in reducing the risk of breast cancer for a lifetime,” said Dr. Graham Colditz, director of cancer prevention at the Cancer Center at Washington University.

” Drinking is more and more present in dormitories and during adolescence, and very few people think about the risk ,” explains Dr. Graham Colditz.

The study is published in the scientific journal “Journal of the National Cancer Institute”.