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After a Manicure at a Nail Salon, a Woman Gets Infected With HIV!

You definitely know the most common causes of HIV and ways of transmitting the virus: through blood, sex, and used needles. However, you should know that these are not the only ways through which the HIV virus is transmitted.


Recently, one Brazilian woman found out that she was HIV-positive, and the cause was using a nail clipper which was infected with the virus. This woman found out the shocking news when she tried to donate blood.

She did the whole procedure that is needed for donating blood and found out that her blood parameters were in optimal range but there were still signs of high viral load. The woman was very confused because she knew that she did not get the infection trough sex or drug abuse.

Even her mother took the test and got HIV-negative results. Then the Brazilian woman realized the true cause of her problem since the only thing she had shared was manicure equipment. She shared the manicure equipment with her cousin, who was HIV-positive, ten years ago.

Doctors took blood samples from the women and her cousin, and later discovered that that was in fact the cause. Their viral genetic material was a match, which proved that her cousin transmitted the virus through a nail clipper.

The CDC does not include nail clippers on the list of HIV-spreading mechanisms. Scientist state that this virus could not be spread through indirect contact, such as eating utensils or drinking from the same glass.

Scientists also state that people should not fear to contact with people who are HIV-positive because this example of transmitting the disease through a nail clipper is very rear. However, this Brazilian woman is an example that things might change in the near future.