Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Actress Amina Begovic Revealed How She Cured Herniated Disc and Thyroid!

The honey – herbal preparation, which “Ms.Ceger” is using for years now, is very inexpensive and easy to make. Every household needs to have it.

It does not matter if you have skin problems, burns, wrinkles, herniated disc or upset stomach. Each disease is brought to the surface and removed – argues the actress Amina Begovic.

Even during her student days, when she was studying acting in class with Emira Kusturica, Amina Begovic, or the more recognizable name of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s acting scene, (Ms. Ceger in”Visas for the future”), at one of the horseback riding classes, fell off a horse and earned herniated disc. She was told that there is no cure.

– The doctors, but also the ordinary people claimed that I will have this health problem my whole life. They did not forget to point out that there is no cure.

Well, maybe the official medicine does not have one, but I have a set of complementary methods which led my life and my health to perfection.

Walking, yoga, honey and St. John’s Wort oil, which I do by myself, did not only relieve the pain, but also “fed” the damaged cartilage.

Amina’s honey – herbal preparation is not some “wise letter”. It does not require too much time, special recipes or conditions. It is very simple.



There is not any philosophy, and I just simply buy the herb St. John’s wort at street vendors. I can pick it myself, but I buy it so other people can earn something. When the herb is dry and receives a nice reddish color, I place it in a jar with olive oil for 40 days, and place it in a sunny spot if possible.

 Thereafter, it needs to be strained and then used. When it is mixed with honey, this oil is great for detoxifying the entire body. I take mostly acacia honey, and I warm it up a little in order to convert it from thick in a liquid state, and then I pour it in ready St. John’s Wort oil.

 The mixture is thoroughly mixed and ready for use. Only olive oil is healthy, as well as St. John’s wort; and the in the obtained extract, the strength of olive oil is pulled out of St. John’s wort for those 40 days, and all the healing properties with the addition of honey are something magnificent, both in health and in cosmetics.

This homemade preparation, in addition to restoring the immune system and improving circulation, reduces fatigue, insomnia, stomach problems and digestive symptoms

-I cherished this recipe for years. I owe my health and vitality to it. For years I have not visited doctors, because I have no need to. Let’s say that after the theatrical heavy makeup, I do not need a better preparation to make my face fresh again. The important thing is to use real and high quality honey and olive oil, and the best is virgin oil – says Amina.

In any case, this is a very inexpensive product which is easy to prepare, and every household needs to have it; regardless of whether you have skin problems, burns, wrinkles, herniated disc, abdominal or stomach problems – any disease is pulled to the surface and removed – says Amina.

Sunflower oil and honey can “calm down” a raging thyroid gland

A few years ago, while working on a play in Mostar, I opened my mouth to say something on stage … But, I was left speechless at the moment, and I stood on the stage with my mouth open. I was yawning, but the voice was gone.

I thought that I completely lost my voice or that this was something temporary. However, doctors have found that the thyroid gland was swollen, which blocked my ability of speech.

Nothing that they recommended helped me. As I have always had a love and respect for alternative medicine, with all my strength, I threw myself to the search for an adequate remedy.

I found it in sunflower oil. About this method, which is still unknown here and all around the world too,wrote the magazine Aura. You can search it on the Internet if you want to find more information about it.

I took the most ordinary sunflower oil and I started to gargle it every day, passing it through the mouth. Thereby, the oil should be gargled and squeezed between the teeth for about 15 minutes, and should not be swallowed by any chance.

You can see it with your eyes how it draws out toxins, the oil turns white, and it is recommended not to spit it out in the sink. It is best to do that in the toilet and flush a couple of times!

I healed the thyroid gland with this method; my voice came back and the swelling disappeared. Of course, parallel with the gurgling of sunflower oil, I applied St. John’s wort oil on the neck, and drank the mixture of honey and St. John’s wort oil twice a day.

The doctors were also surprised with my fast recovery. I even normalized the triglycerides, which were three times higher than allowed. Indeed, there is nothing better or healthier than nature.

The best protection from the sun

Most people at sea incorrectly protect their skin by putting olive oil or St. John’s wort on dry body. The only sure protection is the lubrication when you are wet, so get in the water, and then lubricate with oil, while the body is still wet. Not only will you tan absolutely evenly, but there is no way to get sun burns.

I responsibly claim that nothing will protect the skin better than St. John’s wort and olive oil. You can lubricate the hair and face and the rest of the body…