Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

A Japanese Doctor Discovered a Way to Prevent Cancer: Only Half an Hour of Your Time Will Be Enough and you Will Be Protected for 2 Months!

Movements are very important for our health and sense of calmness. Hiking will calm us down and have a perfect effect on us. Mentally we are going to feel much better.

We need to separate at least half an hour every day to walk because in this way we will strengthen our immune system and help prevent many diseases. Also, we will maintain a normal weight.


It is especially good if you walk in nature because it brings really good results for your overall health. Japanese researchers have found that walking in a forest improves the natural immunity, which is important for the prevention of cancer and other diseases.

When scientists tested people before and after a two-hour walk in the forest, subjects had lower blood pressure, felt the calmness and clarity in their head.

Forest trees and plants send antimicrobial volatile organic compounds in the environment,which are produced by the plantsin order to get rid of the fungi and bacteria, and they are called phytoncides.

In this way the plants protect themselves from these microorganisms. However, we need to take care of the environment and do not pollute it.