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6 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Raise your hand if at least once in your life you said to yourself “Oh, only if I had a little faster metabolism!” Anyone?

Most of us believe that they have a slow metabolism which is to blame for excess pounds and fat build-up. In addition to this we are convinced that the only way to speed up metabolism is to apply some special diet changes and die exercising. However, the truth is different. Our metabolism is not fixed and can be improved in several practical ways.



Hot and chilly food and Asian spices can speed up your metabolism up to 25 percent. So instead of running away from this kind of food occasionally prepare yourself a salad or other type of light dish enriched with powerful spice.

Lift weights!

Weight training exercises build muscles, but what you do not know is that burning calories after this type of exercising has a prolonged action. This means that once you stop lifting weights, your body continues burning calories.

First weights, then cardio

If you really want to speed up your metabolism combine exercises by first lifting weights, and then drive a bike or run.

Use intervals

You can practice hour and a half without a break and still not burn calories desired. So you should instead include smaller intervals of 15 minutes and short breaks in between. Increase your pace and the effort you wish to overcome every other interval.

Water water water

If you are trying to speed up your metabolism you should never forget water. Those who drink 8 to 12 cups a day burn far more calories than people who barely drink 4 cups.

Yoga helps as well

One study shows that yoga can also help in speeding up metabolism because it reduces stress-hormone level, a hormone that inhibits fat burning. So start with a 10 minute-workout including light exercises, then switch to more complicated workout and exercise as long as possible.