Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

5 Great Benefits Of Going to the Beach and Sea Water For Just 10 Days

Summer vacations are something you have to experience with all senses. However, spending a nice summer vacation is not just a regular way of relaxation or an everyday routine, there are also some important health benefits your body will sure love.


Boost fertility

Tanning enhances fertility in both sexes because it increases the vitamin D level. Medical experts from Austria found that vitamin D increases estrogen and progesterone levels (female hormones) that regulate the cycle, and thus increase the chances of conceiving.

More Sex

A recent survey conducted in the UK showed that the major part of the participants had sex in August. Scientists explain these results by the fact that the sun stimulates the secretion of dopamine and serotonin – the hormone of happiness, and also increases testosterone levels – in both men and women.

Lower Blood Pressure

Many medical studies have shown that UV rays increase the release of nitrogen monoxide from the skin, which relaxes the blood vessels, and thus lowers the blood pressure.

Better Sleep

You will feel some positive changes in your sleep just because you do not spend time in front of your computer or TV. Your nice vacation by the sea, the climate change and relaxation are just a bonus.

Breath Easily

One of the main reasons why vacations are of great importance for your health is that sea air is full of ions that stimulate the absorption of oxygen, ease asthma symptoms and regulate hormone levels.