5 Amazing Foods That Lower Your Blood Cholesterol Level

Our organism needs cholesterol mostly because it takes part in many important biochemical processes. On the other hand, its rapid increasing is harmful and can cause certain disorders and diseases. For this reason we present you some food products which are proven to be effective in fighting against high blood cholesterol level.



If consumed regularly, apple reduces cholesterol up to 40 %. Apple juice is practical and natural therapy for people suffering from high blood cholesterol level. Apples are also beneficial for the overall health.


Garlic is a powerful ally of our health. It is considered to be a natural antibiotic and garlic is also an excellent fighter against blood cholesterol. Garlic reduces blood cholesterol level up to 11 %. If you do not like to use it fresh, you can also take garlic supplements. In addition to this, last researches prove the effect garlic has in improving circulation.


According to last researches, if consumed regularly, beans can lower blood cholesterol level up to 6% for less than a month.


Grains are rich in fiber. Fiber is great in reducing bad or LDL cholesterol level.


Celery lowers LDL cholesterol level, but it also gives elasticity to arteries, so it is significantly effective in preventing arteriosclerosis, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended to include celery in your daily menu as one of the basic food products.