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Health Care Above All

25 Things You Don’t Actually Need To Keep In The Fridge

The fridge is the first place we go to when we need to store certain foods in order to protect them.

However, not everything requires the colder environment and there is really no need to keep some products in the refrigerator.

Here is a list of everything you need to take out of the fridge today, without worrying it will spoil:

  1. Hot sauce– this product can stay fresh for up to 3 years after you open it.
  2. Potatoes store potatoes in paper bags and keep them in dry place. By refrigerating them, you are spoiling their texture and taste.
  3. Onions– they are best kept in airy and dry areas. However, do not put them together with the potatoes since they will rot quickly.
  4. Garlic– it goes the same as onions so keep it in an airy room on their own.
  5. Basil basil tends to absorb all smells so keep it away from the fridge. The best option is a vase of water or mixed with other herbs.
  6. Avocado– if you want it riper, keep it from the fridge and keep on the counter. If you want to accelerate the ripening, place it along with a banana or an apple.
  7. Berries– as a result of humidity, berries tend to spoil in the fridge. Place them in a bowl instead.
  8. Bread– sealed well and placed in a dry spot is the best option for keeping bread in your kitchen. Refrigerating bread can lead to dehydration and will make it staler.
  9. Batteries– even though you may have heard that this way they last longer, the cold can damage batteries in the fridge more than keeping them elsewhere.
  10. Tomatoes– don’t put tomatoes in the fridge if you don’t want them to lose their flavor and texture. The counter is the ideal place to keep them.
  11. Coffeeshould never sit in the fridge since it will dry off and spoil. 
  1. Squashcan survive in a dry area for several months, especially those with thicker skin, so there’s no need to refrigerate it.
  2. Honeyhas the blessing of never spoiling, so you can keep it out of the fridge without worrying.
  3. Cakesactually do not have to be refrigerated because they’ll dry off. If they have frosting, buttercream or ganache, place them in an airtight container. They last about 3 days.
  4. Whole melons survive better when out of the fridge than in it.
  5. Bananasespecially the unripe ones should go on the counter so they can ripen well. Otherwise, they possess fewer nutrients.
  6. Ketchupand mustard often go in the fridge but they are better off out of it, since they can attract bacteria.
  7. Peanut butteris best if kept in the cabinet. It can last for months unless it is organic.
  8. Cooking oilsexcept nut oils can all go in the pantry instead of the fridge.
  9. Apples,peaches,nectarines and pears last longer if kept in a basket (usually a week).
  10. Ricebelongs in the fridge only if it is cooked. Otherwise it needs a dry spot and a plastic bag. This way it can last for years. White rice lasts 8 to 10 years, while brown rice can last 1 to 2 years.
  11. Dried beanscan grow sprouts if exposed to moisture, so keep them away from the fridge.
  12. Makeupdoes not belong in the fridge, regardless of what others suggest. Make up is produced to last at room temperatures, so the cold can disturb its texture and composition.
  13. Peppers, all types of it, do not survive in the fridge, To avoid drying them off, keep them in the pantry.
  14. Eggplantsalso do not stand fridge temperatures, so you want to store them in a basket near your pantry.