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Health Care Above All

10 Ways To Tell If The Honey Is Natural Or Fake

Detailed and expert analysis is necessary if you want to find out if honey is really natural or not. But if you wonder if you bought natural honey, here are some tricks you can use in order to test it.


                                                                                                                    1. Read The Jar Composition

This is the first step that will help you find out if the honey is natural or has additives in it. The manufacturer simply must appoint honey’s composition.

2. Natural Honey is Not Sticky

Rubbing little bit of honey between your fingers is a great way to tell if the honey is natural or not. The natural honey will be absorbed by your skin. In case you have sticky fingers after rubbing the honey, this means that there are some artificial sweeteners or sugar into it.

3. Caramelization

Put couple of tablespoons of honey in a bowl and place the bowl in the microwave. Natural honey should be caramelized while the false one will become foamy and full of bubbles.

4. Paper

Put several drops of honey onto a paper. If the honey does not penetrate the paper after a while, this means that the honey is completely natural. False honey will penetrate the paper because there is water in its composition.

5. Bee Trick

Ants avoid natural, bee produced, honey. Put little bit of honey onto the ground. If ants avoid it, it means you have natural honey.

6. Honey And Water

This is the easiest way to tell if the honey is natural or not. Completely natural honey will harden when put in water while the false one will dissolve in the water.

7. Stinging in The Mouth

Natural honey can cause mild tongue inflammation and/or stinging sensation. False honey does not have these properties.

8. Honey Spread on a Slice Of Bread

Spread some honey onto a slice of bread. If the bread becomes hard, the honey is natural. False honey will only wet the bread’s surface because of the water in its composition.

9. Egg Yolk

Mix one egg yolk with little bit of honey. If the honey you are using is natural, the egg yolk will look like it is boiled.

10. Crystallization

Natural honey will crystallize over time while the false honey will remain in its liquid syrup-like form even after long period of time.