Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

10 Beauty Products Anyone Can Make at Home

When it comes to health and beauty products we all know how expensive they can be. One of the best ways to save money on these products is to make your own.

There are many different recipes and directions available that can help you make some of the best beauty products available at a fraction of the cost. Here are 10 beauty products that anyone can make quite easily.


Lotion Bars

These lotion bars require a simple melting and pouring technique that anyone can do. The best part is that they smell delicious and are something that you are going to want to use again and again.

Lavender Salve

Who does not like the smell of lavender? This wonderful salve has many healing properties as well as smelling fantastic. All of your friends are going to be asking your for this.

Perfume Sticks

Perfume sticks are not only easy to make, but they also provide you with a natural way to smell great.

Hand Lotion

If you suffer from dry skin, chances are you have spent a ton of money buying many different types of hand lotion. Make one of these great hand lotions that will nourish your dry chapped skin.

Lemon Lime Sugar Scrub

This refreshing scrub will leave you feeling happy and blissful. It is simple to make and will leave your skin radiant and fresh.

Body Oil

In as little as 5 minutes you can make a great body oil that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft all day.

Oatmeal Cookie Bath

Throw all of the ingredients into your blender or food processor and then add it to your bath. Your skin will come out feeling refreshed.

Leave in Conditioner

These simple leave in conditionerare easy to make and will work much better than anything you can buy from the store.

Bath Bags

Create these herb filled bags to add to your tub and enjoy the fresh scents while you soak away your stress.

Vapo Rub

During the winter months when everything is completely dry, you can make this great rub to help with those persistent sniffles and coughs.

These are just a few of the great beauty products that you can make from your home. Most of these recipes require just a few ingredients and are completely easy to make. Just mix them up and set them out and you will have a stash of wonderful beauty products to use.


The best part is that you can share these great beauty items with your friends. All of the items above make great gifts at any time of year. You can share the recipes with your friends if you want or keep them to yourself and provide your friends and family with great gifts just because.

All of these items are great, which one do you want to try first?